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Gun Think was founded in 2012 by Mark Ashford, a civilian shooter with a passion for firearms and educating people about their Second Amendment rights.  Mark has been a gun owner for nearly 25 years and a concealed carry permit holder for nearly a decade.

At Gun Think, we recognize that navigating the world of firearms can be a daunting task for the newcomer, particularly with all of the misinformation perpetuated by the media.  At the very basis, Gun Think’s purpose is to strip away the stigma that many politicians and media outlets have applied to guns, to educate people about guns and gun safety, and to welcome new shooters to the firearms community.

Gun violence is reported extensively by the media because it is shocking and drives ratings.  At the same time, the media tends to ignore stories of bravery and heroism involving guns when they prevent the loss of life.  On top of all of this, certain politicians want to disarm law abiding citizens while they themselves are protected by armed body guards.  These circumstances can make guns seem dangerous, and often deter people from learning more about them and their utility.  Enter Gun Think.

Gun Think serves to provide logical and thought provoking information and analysis in an effort to educate our readers of the true essence, purpose and functionality of firearms.

We hope you find our site interesting, informative and fun.




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