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Gear Review: Aeroprecision AR15 Upper Receiver | Gun Think AR Build

September 14, 2013 | Christopher Dine, GunThink

aero 2
Sweet, sweet, sweet! is building an AR-15, and we’re taking you with us along the way!  The first component of our build is a stripped, cerakoated upper receiver from Aeroprecision.

If you’re not familiar with Aeroprecision, here’s a little background on them.  Aeroprecision is headquartered, and manufactures its products in Tacoma, Washington.  Made in the USA!  They got their start making specialty parts for Boeing in a garage, taking on jobs too complicated for other machinists.  Needless to say, if they can make parts for Boeing, they’re more than capable of delivering top notch AR-15 upper and lower receivers.

The particular upper we got from them is cerakoated in Magpul’s OD green (H-232 Magpul OD).  Aeroprecision does the cerakoating, so we didn’t have to send it to another specialist and wait longer.  Here’s a couple photos of the upper we received:

Got OD green?

If it's good enough for Boeing, it's damn well good enough for your AR!

As you can see, this is a sweet upper.  This upper was forged from 7075 T6 aluminum, precision-machined to M16/M4 specification and features M4 feedramps.  If you’re curious about the type of aluminum its forged from, I can tell you that substantially all modern AR-15 upper and lower receivers are made from 7075 T6 aluminum.  Here’s some more info. from Gunsumerreports if you really want to get nerdy about it.


  • Forged from 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Precision machined to M16/M4 specs
  • M4 feedramps
  • .250” takedown pin holes
  • Laser engraved T-marks
  • Accepts standard AR15/M16 components

As of this posting, Aeroprecision is selling this exact stripped upper, with cerakoating, for $109.  That’s not bad at all for the made in the USA quality you’ll be getting.

We follow Aeroprecision on Twitter (@aero_precision), and noticed from their tweets that they sell cosmetically blemished AR uppers and lower receivers at deep discounts.  This is the smart way to go if you’re looking for a product you can rely on but don’t want to shell out money that can otherwise be spent on ammo!

Aeroprecision offers a variety of other products on their website,, including scope mounts, ambidextrous lowers, and mid-length and carbine uppers.  We definitely recommend you check them out if you’re looking for components for your AR project.

You’ll see more of this upper as we build our AR.  Stay tuned for more reviews !


Gun and Gear Reviews for Second Amendment Defenders!

June 15, 2013 | Mark Ashford,


In the coming weeks and months, Gun Think will be bringing you gun and gear reviews from our team of gun enthusiasts and firearms experts.  Gun Think’s resident expert has over 25 years of law enforcement experience, with a vast knowledge of firearms, ammunition, preparedness, threat detection and response, protective gear and more.  We’ll be tapping into that knowledge for each of our reviews to deliver you the most relevant information to help you in your search for the next piece of solid gear for your kit.

If you have something you want us to review, feel free to post comments or email us at [email protected].

– Gun Think Team


Falia Reviews – Female Perspective on Firearms, Concealed Carry and More

April 3, 2013

Here’s another great YouTube channel I want to share with you: faliaphotography.  Her channel description reads, “Female Perspective on Firearms, Gear, Concealed Carry, and Preparedness.”  This channel offers excellent reviews on firearms, holsters, concealed carry issues with a particular focus on issues that interest many female gun owners.  That being said, the information she provides is also very helpful to male gun owners too!  Her reveiws provide a lot of great information, and we think you’ll agree.  Turn off The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and take a few minutes check out some of her videos!

– Gun Think