Gear Review: Smoke ‘Em Targets – Colorful Smoking Targets

December 1, 2013 // Christopher Dine, //


I had the pleasure of doing some target shooting over the weekend.  Having spent most of my hard-earned money along with a wild mob at Wal-Mart on ‘Black Friday,’ I was in the mood to do some good old-fashioned plinking.  If you don’t know what plinking is then you’re new to the shooting scene, and that’s fine.  Welcome.  Plinking is what shooters call shooting .22s, or other small calibers.  Something made this weekend’s plinking a little more fun, and that was shooting some colorful smoke emanating targets from Smoke ‘Em Targets.


Smoke ‘Em Targets is a relatively new company, so you may not have heard of them (particularly if you didn’t know what plinking is).  Well here’s how their targets work:  1) You shoot them; and 2) colorful smoke plumes out!  Pretty simple really, and much more interesting than shooting paper.  The smoke indicates a hit, and it just plain looks cool!  Here’s some videos of the targets in action, including one of ours: Smoke ‘Em Targets Videos.  Not only are these targets fun to shoot, but they’re 100% made in the USA.  And when you run out of “smoke,” you can put clay pigeons in the smoke cartridge holders, or just order more smoke from an American company.

I had a lot of fun shooting these targets, and I think you would too.  When you’re shooting .22lr, why not splurge on some premium targets to make things more interesting?  Smoke ‘Em Targets are an especially good option if you’re taking your little one shooting with you, or hosting a youth shoot.  They offer a variety of reactive shooting products.  These targets offer good old-fashioned, wholesome shooting fun.

(PS – I didn’t spend any of my hard-earned money at Wal-Mart or anywhere else on Black Friday.  That was a literary embellishment.  I was safe and sound on the couch!)