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October 6, 2013 // Christopher Dine, GunThink //


Glock.  The original polymer pistol, and what many consider to be the gold standard of firearms reliability.  Today we look at the Glock 19, in particular the Gen 3.  While there are thousands of reviews of this classic firearm found all over the internet in gun websites, blogs and YouTube videos, we bring you yet another.  By no means will this review be the most comprehensive, nor technical review of the Glock 19, but it will provide a balanced introduction to what I consider to be an excellent pistol, both for home defense and concealed carry.

The Glock 19 is chambered in 9mm and has a standard capacity magazine which holds 15 rounds, plus one in the chamber, for a total firing capacity of 16 rounds.  While this gun is classified as “compact,” it may seem like a bit much for a concealed carry gun to someone who has never carried before.  Then again, it may not.

There are several primary points to consider when deciding on a carry pistol: (1) Reliability; (2) Size; (3) Stopping power; and (4) Capacity.  While all of these points could be debated at great length, I will simply provide my personal opinion here.  I think you will find the Glock 19, or any Glock for that matter, to be highly reliable.  The stopping power of the 9mm is perfectly sufficient to stop the types of threats you might face.  It’s powerful enough to penetrate most garments and destroy large bone mass, such as the pelvis (whereas a lighter round such as the .380 falls short).  The lighter recoil of a 9mm also offers faster, more accurate follow-up shots.  And the 15 round capacity is excellent (and you can always carry extra mags).  There are other benefits of the 9mm, such as cheaper ammo, but let’s talk a little more about the size.

Often times the size of a gun is a primary determinant in choosing a carry firearm.  After all, the best gun for self defense is the one you have with you.  If you’re going to carry concealed, inside the waistband (IWB) is often a popular method of carry (as opposed to outside the waistband or ‘OWB’).  For those of you looking to carry IWB, the thickness of the gun is important to consider.  Below you can see the Glock 19 next to my iPhone 4 in a Magpul EXEC IP4 case.

IMG_0922 - Copy

Here are the exact specs from Glock’s website:

Length: 187 mm / 7.36 in.               

Width: 30.00 mm / 1.18 in.               

Length Between Sights: 153 mm / 6.02 in.               

Height: 127 mm / 4.99 in.               

Barrel Height: 32 mm / 1.26 in.               

Barrel Length: 102 mm / 4.01 in.

When I first started carrying the Glock 19, it did feel a little beefy (this was my first carry gun).  This is exactly why many people opt for much smaller options such as the Ruger LCP .380.  But after carrying for a couple of weeks I became rather used to it.

Another thing I like about Glocks is that there is no safety. Well, technically there is a safety built into to the trigger to help prevent negligent discharges, but all you have to do is point and shoot, and the Glock will go ‘bang.’  Besides that, the safety with any gun is between your ears. [See Glock ‘Safe Action’ trigger below]

IMG_0933 - Copy

Other attributes of Glocks worth noting: Disassembly and cleaning couldn’t be easier.  With very little practice, a person unfamiliar with firearms can learn to field strip a Glock in about 5 seconds.  Here’s a picture of the components of a field stripped Glock.

IMG_0925 - Copy

Here’s a view of the sight picture of a Glock 19:

IMG_0932 - Copy

I’m extremely pleased with my Glock 19, and recommend you put it on your short list to consider for home defense or concealed carry (although I’d recommend a 12 or 20 ga. pump action shotgun for home defense over a pistol).  Another nice thing about Glocks is that you can find all sorts of Glock accessories sites such as TheGlockStore and GlockMeister, but I like mine 100% factory original.  I’m sure there are many points I’m leaving out that are worth considering, so look around and see what other people have to say about the Glock 19.

Here’s what Glock says about this pistol on their website:

“The GLOCK 19 is ideal for a more versatile role because of its reduced dimensions when compared to the standard sized option. Chambered in 9×19, the G19 has found worldwide acclaim with both private and public security agencies. In addition to being used as a conventional service pistol, it is ideal for concealed carry or as a backup weapon.”

If you’re a new shooter and want to learn more about the Glock 19 or other Glock pistols, this Glock Site is meant specifically for you.

– Chris


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