3i Holsters – Empowering New Shooters

November 27, 2014 | Mark Ashford, GunThink.com //


I’ve been wanting a kydex inside the waistband (IWB) holster for a while, and I finally picked one up a few weeks ago. If you’re like me, you do your research before you buy. And if you’ve done your research on kydex holsters, you’ve heard of the more popular companies with long wait times. You can take comfort in knowing those companies are going to deliver a good product – and you’ll pay for it. I found a holster that not only doesn’t break the bank and functions beautifully, but that has a mission that I too am very passionate about. Welcome, 3iHolsters to my every day carry (EDC).

Why am I defining terms that any gun enthusiast knows like IWB and EDC? Because people who are brand new to gun culture may not yet know what they mean. At Gun Think, its new gun owners that we’re keen on engaging. We don’t need to win over long time advocates of the Second Amendment. We, the gun community, need to win over people who aren’t familiar with firearms. We need to welcome them, educate them, and empower them to protect themselves.

Now back to my new holster. The holster I picked up at a gun show I attended recently is the ‘Quick Clip Inside the Waistband Holster’ from 3i Holsters for my Glock 19. It has about a 10 degree cant and is designed to be carried in any of the following 3 positions: appendix inside the waistband (AIWB); on the hip; or in the small of the back. I’ve been carrying it AIWB and have to say it’s been very comfortable. It has a rigid 1.5” plastic clip that goes over the belt, and holds very tight with a firm bite. It’s also very easy to take the holster on and off. Overall, I’ve been nothing but pleased with the holster, and would recommend it to anyone. Right now it’s selling for $32 on 3i’s website, and they’re in stock.


I did a little stippling on the clip of the holster – My first attempt ever at stippling, and I like how it turned out. Obviously the stippling doesn’t serve any functional purpose – It was purely for cosmetic purposes. If you don’t know, ‘2A’ is short for Second Amendment, and the arrowhead represents GORUCK. [On a side note, I’ve done two GORUCK Challenges and they were awesome – More events are in my future (they also offer firearms training now). Stay tuned for GORUCK gear and event reviews on Gun Think.]

There are a lot of companies making quality kydex holsters. What sets 3i Holsters apart in my mind? I had the opportunity to talk with the owner of 3i Holsters at the gun show, and was really impressed with the company’s mission. Put simply, they want to empower the new gun owner. As Emeril would say, ‘Bam!!’ That to me is awesome. Many holster makers will tout the tactical prowess of their product – developed and used by the most tactical, shmactical, Delta operators. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking those companies, but it’s refreshing to see a company geared toward making new shooters feel welcome. When you recognize the importance of empowering the new shooter, those who are new to firearms, you have struck a chord with me. Rock solid product plus epic mission that I’m passionate about? SOLD!

Happy Thanksgiving gun owners!!

Mission of 3i Holsters

Integrate, Improve, and Instruct

We believe in integrating a weapon system for you and your families protection. We believe you should improve your skill set by learning from experienced shooters, instructors and competitors. We also believe you should instruct. Instruct your family and friends in safety and the fundamentals of shooting and carrying a firearm. At one point we were all a beginner. Teach others while you continue to learn and advance your skillset. Our goal is encourage and expand gun ownership for responsible citizens.



Modern Advancements Deliver Ultra-Thin Body Armor

April 15, 2014 //


Advancement in body armor technology is being made every day.  Scientists are constantly trying to develop armor that is lighter in weight and stronger to offer more protection for a wearer. It is important to note that at the moment, scientists have developed an ultrathin material that provides maximum protection with less bulkiness. For years, polyethylene was used to create products ranging from lunch boxes to garbage bags. It has proven itself to be a very durable material, however not until recently have scientists used it in making body armor.

Today, polyethylene fibers are used to create a dense material capable of stopping a bullet. The material allowed the scientists to create an ultrathin vest, allowing greater concealability and maneuverability than other protective gear. The body armor that is made using the polyethylene actually absorbs the impact of the projectile to stop it from penetrating the material. This type of body armor offers protection from handguns, larger weapons, and even from shrapnel that comes from grenades and other explosives. The material is designed to be 15 times as strong as steel and 40% stronger than any other material used to make body armor, offering the wearer better protection and greater comfort than non-polyethylene based body armor products.

The new ultra-thin body armor opens up a world of possibilities to both law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. Being able to wear the lightweight, ultra-thin body armor, such as the products offered by SafeGuard Body Armor, offers a discrete threat protection solution. In a WROL situation, for example, the ability to blend in and for your superior protection to go undetected would be invaluable.  Also, polyethylene body armor products are more breathable than the other products on the market. Good air circulation results in greater comfort.

Modern polyethylene body armor is a bit more expensive than the other forms of body armor on the market. However, considering the level of protection offered paired with the superior concealability and comfort, investing in a piece of kit like this can easily be justified.


The ‘Thin Blue Line’ Asks For Help From Gun Owners

March 13, 2014 //

When President Obama makes a pitch for more gun-control laws, he likes to have a phalanx of blue-uniformed police officers behind him.

These press conferences are supposed to convince us that law enforcement believes more restrictions on Second Amendment rights makes society safer. But Mr. Obama’s visual is a deception, because only a few liberal, big-city police chiefs continue to put politics over public safety.

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