Prepared Citizen: Intruder Breaks into Baby’s Room, Mother Shoots Intruder

April 4, 2017 | Mark Ashford, |

Just like a momma bear defending her bear cubs, this mother wasn’t about to let her baby or herself become victim to a criminal intruder.

According to the The Indy Channel on March 24, 2016, a woman heard someone breaking in through a window in her baby’s room in the middle of the day.  The woman quickly retrieved her gun and headed to the baby’s room.  When she entered the intruder raised his gun and fired twice at her, missing both times.  The woman fired back and hit the criminal multiple times.  He was later taken to the hospital in serious condition.

This is just one of countless examples where law abiding citizens use a firearm in defense of themselves and their loved ones.  You can read many more examples at the Armed Citizen.