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From America’s founding fathers, to Ghandi, Clint Eastwood and many more, these gun quotes will inspire a new appreciation for the Second Amendment.  If one does not study and understand the true intent of the Second Amendment, as written in our Bill of Rights, one should not comment on its value, or lack of value, in modern American society.

The truth is, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, as Andrew Cuomo and others might suggest.  It has everything to do with personal defense.  It has to do with one’s natural right to self preservation, defense of Liberty, and resistance to tyranny.  It has to do with defense against one’s enemies, both foreign and domestic.  These enemies, as President George Washington famously stated, may include one’s own government.

Gun Quotes from America’s Founding Fathers

Famous Gun Quotes from Celebrities and Others

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Guns and Religion

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