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How The Left Lies to the Public : Part 1 – Saying Something by Not Saying Something

We’ve seen it before and it’s becoming commonplace; right-of-center and even centrist, public and political figures being perp-walked out of restaurants by Antifa and their lap dogs.

Last night, Monday, September 24, the latest incident, Ted Cruz’s dinner was terminated by Antifa in their typical manner; amassing a group, making a scene, screaming lies, and driving a citizen out of some place where they dared to show their face.

ANTIFA/Communists abuse Conservatives
Communists try to shame Conservatives with public humiliation and disruption

The motive force behind this action was Antifa, the ultra-violent, Communist group. In a normal world, you might think that the general public would not be sympathetic nor open to the message of an ultra-violent Communist group, but here’s the twist – this is where they use subconscious persuasion to justify their actions and garner sympathy.

Antifa hides behind a sort of 2-way mirror, masking their identity by projecting a message of virtue, the part people see, which will resonate with the average person. This artfully crafted projection also has incredible power because it is both descriptive and accusatory.

Just a simple tweet with Ted Cruz as the subject results in their saying/not-saying that Cruz is a racist and therefore must be shamed – because he was called out by “Smash Racism DC.”


The underlying, unspoken narrative : Who doesn’t want to smash racism? Why racists of course! So if you’re on the receiving end of this group’s actions, you are therefore a racist. Charged, tried and convicted on the spot, in the court of public opinion.

By simply including a worthy sounding trope in their name, they instantly insinuate that Ted Cruz is a racist, AND they garner the support of anyone who fancies themselves as anti-racist … because we all know that in this Tweet-driven society that has been cultivated, the facade is all that matters to get the message out there.

This extremely powerful tactic must not be discounted nor underestimated, people you know fall for it. Red-Pillers know how to spot the lies in these types of masked messages, but being ‘woke’ to their shenanigans does not imbue the skills to understand how to artfully dismantle the bomb that has been tossed into your crowd of friends.

The first step to seeing the Matrix is to not be distracted by the Commie in the red dress. Call them out for what they are:
Fascist ‘Anti-Fascists’ – truly OxyMorons. Shutting down political dissent through force and dirty tricks.