Newbie Preppers: Getting Started in Prepping

December 1, 2013 // Jill Sawyer, //


So in the back of your mind you’ve been considering tiptoeing into the world of prepping, but can’t quite envision yourself on an episode of National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers.”  Your food stock consists of the groceries you bought over the weekend, and haven’t slept under the starts since you were 10.  If you want to be prepared for even the smallest disturbance, whatever the sort, you should take steps now to prepare.  But where do you start?

Luckily we don’t have to reinvent the prepping wheel here at Gun Think.  You’ll need water and food before you should concern yourself with any other preps.  To guide you down your prepping path, there is one website I strongly recommend you visit:  This is the “Cadillac” of online prepping resources.  Check out their page made specifically with you in mind,  Explore the site – To say there’s a lot of information there is an understatement.

Now you know where to find the information you need to get started.  But do you really want to become a “prepper?”  “Those people are crazy,” you might be thinking to yourself.  Sure, maybe some preppers are crazy.  But there’s nothing crazy about preparing for the unknown.  As you read this, many people are doing just that.  Billionaires are preparing for the unknownThe Pentagon is preparing for the unknown.  So why shouldn’t you prepare for the unknown?  Well, you should.  The fact that you’re reading this means you recognize that the safety of you and your family is your responsibility, not the government’s or anyone else’s.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started today.


The NFL Goes all Bloomberg on Gun Owners

November 29, 2013 // Michael Schaus, //

After having banned concealed carry in all of their stadiums, and even ordering women to give up their purse in favor of see-through plastic bags, (don’t ya feel safer now?) the NFL has accelerated its war on gun ownership and the Second Amendment by trampling on the First Amendment. The League has refused to air a commercial for Daniel Defense in the 2014 Super Bowl on grounds that the weapons manufacturer violates the NFL regulations for “prohibited advertising categories”. Their rejection, however, appears rooted in political activism, rather than strict adherence to long standing advertising rules.

The commercial spot in question (the video is posted at the end of this column) highlights the importance of family to a returning soldier. No mention is made of firearms, the Second Amendment, or gun ownership. And yet, like Mike Bloomberg on a sugar high, the NFL has decided to reject the ad because it implies support for responsible gun ownership. (I wonder if the League will target high-capacity sodas next?)

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Gear Review: SafeGuard ARMOR ‘GHOST’ Low-Profile Ballistic Vest

November 29, 2013 // Christopher Dine, //


Guns and ballistic vests are like parachutes – If you don’t have one when you need it, you won’t ever need one again.  For the past week I’ve been wearing SafeGuard ARMOR’s ‘GHOST,’ low profile, ballistic vest. I have to say, this vest is very comfortable, and I even prefer it over SafeGuard’s ‘Stealth’ vest.  The primary thing I like better about the new GHOST vest is that it offers more adjustability than does the Stealth vest (which, I must say, is also an excellent vest).  The thing I like about both the GHOST and the Stealth, is their low-profile concealability.  The trade-off which must be considered is that this vest is not meant to stop rounds from a rifle such as an AK-47, an AR-15 or the like.  Accordingly, this vest would not be my first recommendation if you’re going into battle. I do highly recommend it for civilians who are looking to protect themselves in a WROL or SHTF situation.

ghostThe GHOST vest is offers a high degree of adjustability, both in the shoulders and around the waist. This enables the wearer to achieve a custom, contoured, comfortable fit with their vest.  This is especially nice for guys with larger chests – the bottom of the vest won’t be inclined to angle away from the body if adjusted properly. Each shoulder “flap,” I’ll call it, attaches to the body of the vest with Velcro.  Another thing that’s nice about this vest, is there is plenty of space around the neck, so if you wear it under a button down shirt with the top unbuttoned, it won’t be visible. 


What makes this vest so great if it doesn’t stop rifle rounds?  The fact that it does stop most pistol calibers, including 9mm and even .357 magnum.  The specs on this particular vest are shown below:

level II

level I

The construction of this vest is solid.  The materials are top-notch — The ballistic panels are made of DuPont Kevlar, and the carrier is 100% Coolmax material.  Here’s some good technical information on Kevlar from SafeGuard’s website:

Kevlar® has gone through several stages of development since first being introduced in the 1970’s. The first version, Kevlar® 29, was a revolutionary step for body armor, as it allowed for the production of protective panels that were both flexible and also easily concealable. This meant DuPont™ could now produce a piece of body armor that was lightweight, and that could be worn comfortably by people on a day to day basis. DuPont™ continued to develop Kevlar® for use in body armor, and in 1988 they released their second version, know as Kevlar® 129. This improved version was even lighter than Kevlar® 29, and offered increased ballistic protection for the wearer, including protection against high energy rounds from weapons like a 9mm FMJ.

The most recent version of Kevlar® was released in 1995 and named Kevlar® Correctional. This revolutionary version could stop attacks from knives and other such weapons, and led to the production of lightweight, multi-threat forms of body armor that were capable of stopping both ballistic and stab threats.


This type of vest is an excellent low-profile option for police, bodyguards and others who frequently put themselves in danger’s path doing their job.  It’s also an excellent option for the civilian prepper like myself.  Just look at the recent shooting at an ice rink in New York, where a teenager shot a man with a .22 because he wouldn’t hand over his coat.  As of this article posting, the GHOST vest with level II ballistic and level I stab protection was available on SafeGuard ARMOR’s website for $476, including tax and shipping.  For most of us, that’s a relatively steep price for a piece of gear, but in this case you’re getting what you pay for.  In a WROL situation, crimes like the NY shooting mentioned above will increase dramatically – particularly when food and other resources become scarce.  Of course an intelligent prepper will stock, or have access to, sufficient water and food supply as part of their preps.  If you haven’t done that yet, get those and other essentials before investing in kit like this.  That being said, a vest that will stop a pistol caliber just may save your life from a violent attack, giving you the opportunity to live, and shoot back, even after taking a surprise shot in the chest.